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An Alexandrian figurine depicting Harpocrates on a horse wearing a cloak. The horse its left foot ra..
Depicted wearing the red crown of Lower Egypt, cast with fine features,shown striding, in a long clo..
Here, Thoth is represented as an ibis, gorgeously rendered with dark blue glazed highlights added to..
. A lovely framed "mask" composed of multicolored faience disc beads, originally part of the beaded ..
Ancient Egyptian faience figurine of Isis on a throne Seated goddess Isis, in blue faience holding ..
Ancient Egyptian silver figurine of Harpocrates The nude god striding forwards, wearing the combine..
An unusually large eye of Horus, lost in the struggle with Seth. He later recovered his eye sound an..
A gesso painted Ba birdwearing a double feathered headdress with a sundisk covered with gold, with a..
Striding wooden servant in gesso painting, wearing a short wig and an elobarate long kilt. Stylist..