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The rich collection that we are proud to show you on this web site showcases over thirty years of experience in the field of antique fine arts and other antiquities. Whether you are looking for rare objects from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome or Mesopotamia - Anubis Ancient Art guarantees diversity, quality and continuity in its offering of rare and ancient artwork.

Our expertise on authenticity is world renowned and is well respected by our clients and by insurance agencies. We treat this trust and responsibility with great care; we invest in customer satisfaction every day. Would you like to know more about our approach? Read more about our service and warranty with each purchase.

About Anubis Ancient Art

Boundless love for the classical cultures that thrived around the Mediterranean Sea is the basis for the passion and dedication with which we do our daily work: to care for the treasures that have been handed down to us from those distant eras.

Henk Dijkstra started as a collector of ancient Egyptian antiquities in 1982 and has been registered at the Chamber of Commerce as Anubis Ancient Art since 1997. Mr. Dijkstra has since built a reputation as an expert on ancient objects and as a reliable antique arts dealer. Over time, Anubis Ancient Art has become a household name at art fairs the world over.

Anubis Ancient Art is a member of the Association of International Antiquities Dealers. As such, it always lives up to the standards that this association stands for. Authenticity is guaranteed by our extended warranty that is described in our terms of delivery, where you will also find our policy with regards to certificates of authenticity.